Friday, May 30, 2008

Prices and services

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Mat Watkin
Orpington, Kent



Basic service, includes 2 hours labour (but not parts)
Pick up and return, per journey
£5.00 to 10.00
Hourly labour charge (at my workshop) over and above the first 2 hours
Hourly labour charge (at your premises)
Puncture repair (includes new tube) at my workshop
Puncture repair (includes new tube) at your premises

Parts used charged at normal retail prices.
Estimates are Free for bikes delivered to my workshop but if I have to collect and drop off the bike there will be a 5-10 pound charge if the work is not commissioned.

The 45 pound service goes a lot further than most. The whole bike will be thoroughly checked for efficient and safe operation. It always amazes me that a bike that is “safe” can still be really inefficient. Seeing as our bodies only have a very small amount of power available - about 100 watts (just to get that in perspective it’s roughly the amount of power necessary to run the headlights on your car!), it seems sensible to maximize the amount of effort that manages to get from the pedals to the back wheel. This is one of my main goals when servicing any human powered machine.